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For a Limited Time You Can Get the Lowest Price Ever AND Free Shipping - Body Balance - The Best Liquid Vitamins!*

Body Balance is supportive of your total body health and the benefits may include:

  • Increased Energy*
  • Up to 98% absorption*
  • A sense of well-being*
  • Enhanced digestion…no upset stomach*
  • No acid reflux or burping up a nasty taste*
  • Healthier immune system*
  • Increased oxygenation*
  • Provides your body what it craves in less than 60 seconds*

Body Balance is an amazingly delicious, easily digestible liquid supplement. It is packed with 23 essential vitamins, 120 phytonutrients, 74 trace minerals, 21 amino acids, 9 sea vegetables, 3 essential fatty acids, and 7 enzymes. *

Body Balance may act

  • to nourish and heal the body in many ways. It contains natural food-based ingredients that help cleanse the colon, detoxify the circulatory system, plus nourish the glandular and lymphatic systems. *
  • It has antioxidants that help the body resist the harmful effects of toxic substances, and may reduce the risk of cancer, heart disease, and strokes. Body Balance also may help reduce inflammation from sports, arthritis, and many other conditions. *
  • Body Balance includes everything your body needs for optimal functioning: vitamins and minerals, food-based nutrition, amino and fatty acids, and enzymes to aid in digestion. It is easy to take, as the black cherry and honey flavor tastes great! The liquid form is gentle on your stomach. To top that off, the nutrients in Body Balance may have up to a 98% absorption rate—much higher than hard-to-swallow vitamin pills. *

So why should you switch from pills to liquid?

In the first place, pills are not easily digested by your body, nor is it easy for it to absorb them. Less than 20% of a pill’s nutrients are actually taken into your system, while the same thing in liquid form can absorb up to 98%. In the Physician’s Desk Reference (p.1542), you can find a graph that illustrates this.


In the second place, as we have all experienced, it is just hard to take pills.

Young kids and the elderly especially find it difficult to swallow many pills. Many people need to take increasing numbers of pills in order to stay healthy. It can get frustrating, and liquid can be so much easier to take, particularly for kids and the elderly. *

In the third place, the maze of different pills you may need to take these days is so confusing.
There are so many different combinations. Some nutrients come in single form, but some need to be taken in combination to be effective for you. It’s just easier to take one liquid that has everything together in one form. *

In the fourth place, there may already be a better choice! Body Balance liquid may meet ALL these needs and may be better than anything you could find in a pill! *

There are so many AMAZING testimonies from customers, with more coming in every day! The results are SO great that thousands of doctors use this product. And they recommend it to their patients, young and old! *

Body Balance is the Life Force International’s #1 Selling Product, one they’ve been making for over 20 years. That’s because everyone who tries it loves it! Not just because of the taste, but because it also works better than any pill they’ve ever taken! *

One serving of this nutritional supplement and you may get better and faster results from any diet you’re on. It also has the antioxidants you need for maximum health. *

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