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Many of the world’s greatest ideas were born in the midst of struggles, challenges and suffering.

Life Force’s amazing discoveries are no exception.

The magnificent Body Balance formula was discovered after mother of two Gerri got sick and started to experience frequent migraines and a terrible feeling of exhaustion.

Her symptoms were so severe, that she became unable to live a normal life or to take care of her children.

After seeing doctor after doctor and trying prescription pill after prescription pill that did absolutely nothing but poisoning her body, she and her husband Wayne knew they had to try something different.

That was the moment when Wayne started to dig deeper into the science of alternative medicine.

After numerous failed tests, Wayne finally hit one winning formula: nine varieties of exclusive sea vegetables and Aloe Vera made his wife Gerri healthy again in a very short period of time.

Where conventional medicine failed, Mother Nature’s gifts healed Gerri from the inside out, helping her recover on a deep cellular level.

After experiencing the amazing health transformation in such a short period of time, Gerri and Wayne knew they had just discovered something out of the ordinary…

They have named this exclusive blend of health magic “Body Balance”.

Wayne and Gerri decided to share their discoveries and help other people who struggle with health problems, exhaustion, extra-weight or low moods.

This is why, in 1984, they started promoting their nutritional supplements with healing properties, with powerful blended ingredients, mixed in an unique power-formula.

After experiencing the benefits of dynamic nutritional supplement, Wayne and Gerri knew this healing method can change the world.

And they were right: Soon enough, over 6.000 healthcare professionals started to prescribe or recommend Body Balance for their patients and customers.

This is how Life Force brand started, in 1996.

Today, Life Force has its headquarter in USA and is being sold in Canada, New Zealand, Australia and Singapore. Its users were shocked about the fast effect and the massive difference Body Balance makes for their overall health.

The secret lies in the unique combination of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, but also on the liquid form of Body Balance.

The liquid formula allows the absorption of nutrients to sky-rocket up to over 90%. Think at Body Balance as a powerful cocktail of vitamins, with incredibly powerful healing properties.

Did you know we only absorb an average of 10 – 20% of a mainstream vitamin supplementation?

This means that every time you buy a $100 worth supplement, over $90 is flushed down the toilet, because of the solid supplement low absorption rate.

With Body Balance, you get all your money’s worth.

The “why” is simple.

Unlike other supplements, Body Balance combines two powerful discoveries that makes your body absorb and use over 90% of this supplement:

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Body Balance contains powerful liquid vitamins and antioxidants and over 120 phytonutrients. Unlike other supplements, nothing goes to waste: this nectar has a 98% proven cellular absorption rate.

It can be used by everyone in the family, with amazing health benefits:

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Body Balance is a powerful healing tool: it provides over 120 types of vitamins, minerals, amino-acids, enzymes and phytonutrients to our bodies. Also, it is blended with Aloe Vera, the most popular organic remedy on Earth. Aloe Vera is a powerful healing and soothing agent, due to its ability to clean morbid matter from our organs (stomach, liver, intestines, kidneys, spleen and bladder). These are some of the main super-foods found in Body Balance:
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You get multiple benefits when using Body Balance liquid form vitamins: The most important benefit is their fast effect and profound assimilation (up to 98%), compared to solid pills (only 20% assimilation). Also, Body Balance is easy to use and fun to drink: finally giving up unpleasant, hard to swallow pills, very easy to blend with other drinks, has a great taste, is very easy to store or take with you at the gym or work… Because of the great taste, kids love it too!
Experience the outstanding health benefits by using Body Balance alone or in combination with other Life Force products. It’s best to take Body Balance is great in the morning, on an empty stomach. The recommended dose is 2 to 8 ounces every day for providing maximum nutritional value for every cell of your body.


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